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About Us



To become the market leader and a global energy conglomerate that helps growth by expanding into new markets, expanding its product portfolio and supporting its customers all along the way. We persistently endeavor to provide services of the highest quality and the best available advice to our customers around the world. We conduct our business with respect, integrity and excellence.

Always working hard to deliver the most supreme product at the best value for our customer’s money, while providing the maximum return to our owners through strength of our people by developing resources safely, profitably and responsibly.

We proficiently and reliably provide the energy that fuels society’s economies and advance our quality of life. We try to dutifully facilitate people’s energy access in a world of continuously growing demand.

We at Apex Gulf crave for challenges, continuous improvement and excellence and particularly value people's integrity and the environment.


To create unique business models across global territories with capitalization on our core competencies in the Energy sectors and evolve with the market dynamism organically.

Also to safely provide energy products vital to sustainable economic progress. To place ourselves at the forefront of our industry as a robust player, internationally respected, financially sound, and positioned to generate future value of our stakeholders.

Earn the admiration of our stakeholders – investors, customers, host governments, local community and our employees – not only for the goals we achieve but how we achieve them. Deliver world-class performance by providing premier level of professional services to any sector we cater to. By pioneering a new standard of excellence and trying to be the best partner by choice.  To become an international benchmark company based on our comprehensive achievement globally.



(Chairman and Founder)

When he first landed in Dubai in the year 1976, little did he know what secrets did this country have in store for him. Pradeep kumar Pathak started his journey in DUBAI when there were hardly any amenities available. But with this sheer dedication and hard work he progressed into becoming a known name in the business world. Currently holding a solid Executive Director’s position in the leading scaffolding company in Dubai, Pradeep still aspires for even greater heights, and thus the idea of Apex emerged.

He is the main man behind the idea of Apex Gulf. While the initiative took place in 2018, months of planning and business development went on before we could unlock the first office in the Sharjah Free Zone. With a vision in mind to grow Apex Gulf to unparalleled stature, Pradeep took to himself to keep a close watch on every detail of the company.

With his extensive background and experience, he is a great influence in matters related to Finance and Funding, Strategic Planning and International Business Relations for the better growth of the organization. With over 40 years of experience man to lead in marketing and business management in India and UAE, he also oversees the company’s day to day operations.



(Executive Director) 

A Business  management degree, a keen business acumen and a passion to grow were the key ingredients for this profile and Amar was the right contender for the Job. With his people handling skills, negotiation techniques and the habit to never say No made him the right man for the job. When Apex was Founded, these skills were what the company required and with Amar being the rightful heir to Mr. Pradeep’s empire, Amar was given the opportunity to spearhead this venture.

Since then Apex has seen the light of many successes and has constantly grown in stature, and still there is an Apex to achieve.

As Amar Quotes

“If your dreams don’t scare you, then your dreams are too small.”


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